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New Section Addition - Meditation Videos Series

I’ve been uploading a series of different meditation videos, one in part to keep my content up to date as I work on other videos I plan on posting, the other part, to begin the introduction of meditation and relaxation.

The latest video I am working on will be more business related, especially when people are looking for jobs and put through a series of different assessments, which most times, deem unworthy for the person who just wants a job to pay their bills and meet their living expenses.

I really can’t wait to put this all together for you as I’m seeing messy employers who are getting away with a lot of bullshit, no one should put up with.

As I am working on that, I will also be creating an email for anyone who has questions about the related topics I discuss on my channel and like those questions answered. This will be a great opportunity in staying connected by signing up to my mailing list. That way you won’t miss any upcoming Full Moon cleansing rituals and much more content I’ll be posting on my channel and blog updates.

In the meantime, please enjoy the mediation videos I just posted and be sure to subscribe to my channel:

Until then. Take care of you.



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