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We live in a massive landscape of the world wide web and navigating through the large number of outlets and online resources can be quite overwhelming.

Some can be valuable and insightful and some may not be for you and what you are looking for in order to achieve real success. In addition, it’s not a surprise to encounter people who say they have the experience, but they really don’t. Only after investing significant time and money do you realize that the outcomes of the change process may not meet your expectations. When you encounter people who lack originality and regurgitating information from others, you must ask yourself how will this information benefit your wellbeing and the longevity of real and effective changes for your life?

Everyone is an individual.

With my life coaching methods and life experiences, I will teach out how to unlock your full potential in reaching your goals.

By sharing openly in our sessions, we begin by recognizing characteristics stopping you and then we will develop a personalized strategy to break through those barriers, giving you the confidence to make choices and in standing your ground.

This can work for all types of relationships. While we can’t avoid making mistakes, we can take a step back and use our critical thinking skills before making any choices that can affect you and everyone around you.

The roadmap to success begins when you open the door to new and unforeseen opportunities, trusting in the process of your transformative journey and learning how to have a fulfilling and balanced life.

Whether you're seeking clarity in career transitions, personal growth, or improved relationships, I'm here to guide and support you every step of the way. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey towards a more fulfilling and balanced life.


Communication & Relationships

The fear of rejection or being misunderstood often hinders effective communication. Despite these challenges, mastering communication skills is crucial, especially during challenging times.

The path to a successful and healthy relationships is communicating effectively. Learn more by embarking your path of transformation by setting up your next coaching session.


Strengthening Your

Critical Thinking Skills 

Critical thinking is a cognitive process that involves analyzing, evaluating, and interpreting information and arguments in a systematic and logical manner.


It is a disciplined approach to thinking that aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of our reasoning and decision-making.

Navigating communication in relationships has become increasingly challenging, especially with the introduction of cell phones and texting.

Unlike today, where digital interactions dominate, in the past, getting to know someone meant engaging in face-to-face conversations.

This would entail meeting in public spaces, i.e. a coffee shop, especially if you have used dating apps that limited sharing personal info but allowed parties to be able to organize dates.

Couples who have surpassed the stage of openly dating and are now pursuing exclusivity take the time to meet in person, by having dinners, a stroll in the park or other means to be able to spend time together. Couples who do this, have a better chance of getting to know one another on a deeper level and have the ability to make healthier decisions on long term relationships which can include moving in together, marriage and/or building a family.

However, many still struggle to express their feelings, often due to fear of rejection or a lack of confidence in initiating verbal dialogue. Drawing from my own personal experience when I began dating in 2000, not only was I learning my own discoveries, I gained valuable insights into overcoming relationship hurdles by respecting my own boundaries and others. If someone said they were not interested in a relationship or making any types of commitments, this was not a “challenge accepted” opportunity to try and change someone’s mind.

Communication when dating and long-standing relationships will always be met with challenges. Sometimes we will need to share difficult things with our partners they may not be prepared to hear and this can vary, from health issues, breaking up, maybe something your partner is doing that makes you feel uncomfortable. We can learn different methods of communication, without making your partner feel inferior while learning to support each other through difficult moments.

As I continue to further my education and understanding of how we can improve communication in our relationships, through comprehensive coaching and working with others, you can learn to empower yourself to be better for you and your partner when those challenges arrive.


If you're ready to elevate your communication skills and cultivate healthier relationships, let's embark on this transformative journey together.

Communication & Relationships


Staying Accountable

Being accountable means taking responsibility for your actions, decisions, and your consequences. Staying accountable means being answerable and owning up to your obligations and commitments. Accountability is often associated with trustworthiness, integrity, and reliability.


When you are accountable, you acknowledge your role and the impact of your choices and actions on yourself and others. 


The Experience & Power of Reiki Healing

Explore the different options of Reiki Healing, Distance Reiki, Meditation & Reiki Crystal Healing


You can also join my site for free where you have unlimited access to ad free videos.

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Life Coaching Certifications

   Transformation Academy

    Modern of Applied Psychology

Universal Laws of Life Coaching (Law of Attraction)

    Transformation Academy

Reiki Healing and Animal Reiki Healing

     USHI Rhoyo Reiki

Crystal Healing using Reiki:

      Natural Healer

CBT Therapy: online Counselling & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Training Course

      LIBBY SEERY - Founder of Renaissance Life Therapies Ad.Dip.Psych, PGDip.CBT, Dip.Couns, Dip.NLP, Dip.Psych.Coach

I have 63 college credits in Business Management and Communications.

Milestones – having over 32 years clean and sober and the journey continues.


The journey about self-learning is a daily event. For as long as I can remember, I’ve kept a diary recording all sorts of events that have occurred in my lifetime. Recording these events wasn’t about what I can learn from them, but as a source of venting, when I felt I had no one to talk to.

Today, my diary entries are different. While I still record events occurring in my life, I’m also writing down my response to these events and what I can do to be better if there’s a need for it.

The one thing I remain consistent with is where I want to place my energy. Would I rather focus on a driver who is in a rush to get somewhere and call him all sorts of names and then go home and drone about it all day, or would I rather focus on my projects and what needs to be done. I think the answer is obvious.

My father has a terrible habit of focusing his energy on things he cannot change and doesn’t focus on the wisdom to know the difference. Why acknowledge the power to change yourself when you can complain about others, who you have no power to change. That’s like asking the rain to stop coming down.

Once we realize there are bigger things we cannot change, we will either complain for the rest of our lives, or practice acceptance and begin the inner workings to change yourself and your reaction to situations around you or anything that may directly affect you.

I have encountered many challenges in my life. Some have been extremely painful, and some haven’t been pleasant while others have been “what the fuck was I thinking” moments. My reaction to some of these events wasn’t necessarily positive. There are things I have done and regretted and wish I can change, but I can’t go back, I can only learn from them.

Having attended 12 step meetings once upon a time, I felt the need to expand my horizons.

Nothing against 12 step meetings, but the reality is, there are people who continue to harp on the same pain, redoing steps and really learning nothing about themselves. The ones who do want to learn more about themselves and practicing being an effective member of society, are a very small few and not making meetings every day of the week. Meetings had become the dumping ground of complaints instead of the place of how I get through something while practicing sobriety.

Of course, the die-hard fanatics will tell you, if you’re not making meetings, you are guaranteed to relapse. That may be true for some people but not for all. Also, I have to say, when people are in the mindset of lacking acceptance of being an “addict or alcoholic”, they are probably stigmatizing themselves because of the “society standards”. Society standards of “Happy Friday” doesn’t have to be your standards. People create their own stigmas because they want to be accepted and not looked upon as a deficit because they can’t go out and drink. I’ve had experiences with people I would date because they would wonder how I would have fun if I didn’t go out to drink.

This is a limited thinking behavior. For anyone to believe the only way to have fun is by going out and drinking every weekend is probably a future alcoholic.

After 10 years of making meetings, I stopped. I did not feel they were conducive for my wellbeing. I always knew I wanted to expand but I didn’t know how to go about it. It wasn’t until I moved out here to Arizona, things started to change. Unfortunately, there was a snanfu in the process, but once I finally got rid of that negative energy, my life changed for the better.

Now that I feel I’m back on track, I remain educated, always reminding myself, my education keeps mind open to learn new things and reaffirming what I already know.  

Practicing self-Reiki healing and meditating expands the realm of keeping myself grounded, staying quiet, releasing the day’s stress and letting go of energies I am choosing not to make a part of my life.

When I am journaling, I make it a point to ask myself was my reaction appropriate. Did I come across clearly or did I exude rudeness towards someone I didn’t agree with. Did I experience a situation where I didn’t feel confident to speak up for myself.

Responses to events or situations don't always involve reacting with anger or hostility. More often than not, it's about the failure to assert oneself and respond effectively in those situations.

However, when it comes to social media and responding to posts, believe me I am far from perfect and most times than not, my responses aren’t forgiving, and I can and haven been mean and rude.

I am not a perfect person, and I will falter and give into the madness on social media, however, every day I focus on my center of happiness and being comfortable with the choices I make for the betterment of my life.

Remember to allow yourself to laugh and enjoy every moment because life happens and we never know what tomorrow will bring us, that’s why “today is a gift” we call the present.  

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