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Five Reasons to Listen to a Liar

Recently, I’ve been listening to some very inspirational speakers one of them being psychologist, Jordan Peterson. At first, I was afraid to disclose his name due to some people who have a habit of lifting other people’s materials and reselling it as their own. On the other hand, sharing the name, if the person does lift his material without citing it, they can be in for very big plagiarisms issues.

So, let’s begin. I will quote something from one of his speeches I found on YouTube:

“It isn’t hierarchy It’s ethics that determines success in a functional society – it’s ethics that determines success, not power…You gotta be awake, if you’re in a system, there’s gonna be some corruption in it. There’s always going to be a corruption in a system, your job is to keep your damn eyes open and your mouth speaking the truth. So when the corruption starts to take root, you object to it so the whole damn system doesn’t turn into a pathological power play. The rest of it is a bloody lie, but that doesn’t mean all our systems are perfectly ethical…”

When I first heard these words, it made me think of a recent event, which occurred from two unsavory characters, and I began writing and I as wrote, my eyes widen, all the more, how vulnerable people are today. People have a need to believe in something that most times isn’t real. Some people aren’t real. Some people will not have the best interest in your business and your goals.

There are too many buying into the claim of others having “more experience” or a form of “identity” if you will, that will make them believe these type characters know more than you.

My good friend, Mistress Rage, where we did a podcast on Critical Thinking,

have had many of conversations we’ve had is how we fail at policing ourselves. Our habits of relying on others have become greater instead of seeking the information and understanding what we are reading.

The attitudes of, “I’ll listen to them because they are the experts”, are the many reasons why we allowed ourselves to get screwed.

What defines an expert?

An expert is a person who has studied a course or a method, primarily in college where they have read, explored theories and may have tested those theories to find answers to recurring issues or even new issues. An expert can be a doctor, a scientist, a psychologist and FBI criminal profiler, etc.

This whole idea of the word I’ve seen floating around for years, “sexpert” or marketing guru’s can apply to anyone who feels they have mastered the idea of sex without much of the hard work. With that being said, anyone can be a sexpert or a marketing guru. I can call myself one if I choose to just as my neighbor next door can.

It’s not a real thing. It’s just a word created to elevate oneself into having their peers believe they know something far better than you.

Here are my top 5 of the reasons why we need to listen to liars!

1. Learn how to listen to details

2. Always Pay Attention!

3. Liars Don’t Care!

4. NO Excuses

5. Commitment

Listen to the details of this entire podcast here:


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