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Are Instagram's Gimmicks of Catering to Snowflake Philosophies Hurting Critical Thinking Abilities

I’m not a big conspiracy theorist, but that doesn’t mean I don’t indulge in a bit of conspiracy stories, as in anyone who enjoys a good Halloween story.

Sure, do I think there are some that are real…of course, but when it comes to the vaccine and all the bullshit people have spewed over the years on it, no, I don’t buy it at all.

The other day, I received a Yahoo notification news about a woman, JoAnne A. Epps, who was the acting president of Temple University. She fell off a stage after collapsing the first comment on the article was, “was she vaxxed”.

First off, how disrespectful to make such a comment towards surviving family members. This is the same kind of stupidity of a person on TikTok who is claiming, Jesus’s real birthday is on 9/11 and it was a demonic ritual to blow up the Twin Towers.

It’s people like this man who should have a led pipe inserted down his throat for saying something on a level of stupid you can't even see with the naked eye.


Over the years of social media and the growth of different social platforms, people spent their time writing blogs and sharing their experiences, whatever that may have been, from jobs and the work atmosphere to relationships and everything else in between, there was a joy of reading others who had good experiences with a situation and others who may not have had good experiences. In addition to sharing these blogs, people actually shared what they learned from it.

Not only was the joy in the reading, but also allowing the reader a different or new perspective on life or maybe their own lives.

The inception of Facebook took social media on another level which from the outside, looked like a pleasant experience, especially when Myspace was sold.

Myspace began experiencing slowness on the site. When you wanted to visit another person’s page, they inserted so many personalized themes, by the time the page finished loading, you had to get ready for work the next day.

In addition, links you added on to your page to lead people to your personal sites were now stopped with “red flagged” messages, such as “Stop, this site is a virus”, which was terrible as it stopped everyone from going to your site and also questioning the validity of the links.

It was not a good look for Myspace to cut people off from promoting themselves.

Then came along Facebook with the ugly face of Mark Zuckerberg peering from behind, setting up the rules for you to join in.

At the time, your status update was limited to a certain number of characters. Friend requests was restricted to 5000, if I’m correct and anything over that, you either had to delete people or make an additional profile for the extra friends. Also, if you sent too many friend requests at once, you were stopped from performing that action, unlike Myspace where the friend level was infinite. I thought, “wow this is stupid”.

There wasn’t much privacy at the time (not that there is now).

If you were looking for a job, considering your username and email were the same on Facebook as posted on your resume, any employer was able to search your profile and view your posts or any related posts.

If your friends tagged a photo of you, pouring beer all over yourself or of you riding on a guy or girl (you get the image in your head), those images were the deciding factor if you were going to work there or not.

It didn’t matter if you were doing these activities after work. You were judged if you were worthy to work at a company on account of the behavior reflected outside of office hours.

Seems unfair, doesn’t it?

The more complaints filtered in about the Facebook features, they slowly updated the site according to suggestions on how to make the experience better.

It actually did not. I noticed fairly quickly, people began to argue with one another and it was people who didn’t even know each other. Connections or “friends”, as it’s called on Facebook, offered inaccurate information and then offended when asked, where were pictures and/or video to prove the information shared. It was a valid question. But, still, people took information at face value, not bothering to do research, because, “their good friend” posted it, so it has to be right.

If you didn’t agree with people, private groups were the “byproduct” to be able to share freely, but that also went to shit when a mole is let in, only to expose the group to get it shut down.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger founded Instagram in 2010 and then sold it to Facebook for a billion dollars in 2012.

Personally, I think Kevin and Mike should have held out. I know…a billion dollars, who gets to have that in this lifetime, but if they knew in advance the shit show what Instagram is today, would they have sold their soul for it?

I logged in yesterday (9/20), when I went to reply on a post and I got a response, “you can do that right now, we do this to protect our community” with an option of tell us we are wrong or okay.

Ummmm, what the fuck did I do?

Was it the scathing post on the woman who hasn’t used soap since 2020 to bathe and only water, with crust on her neck that had a life of its own?

Was it the Tizzy post on when he’s reporting on the news we don’t see on mainstream media?

I do not go around making mindless threats on posts, because that is just wrong. Yes, would anyone who’s normal get upset at a post of a person who murdered someone, of course. It’s a natural feeling to be upset, to feel hurt for innocent lives taken. Does it want to make anyone leave a threat like comment on a post, of course.

We are people who feel and if someone feels, well that person should be thrown off a cliff for murdering someone innocent, guess what, you have the Instagram police, knocking on your profile saying, “you’ve been bad and now we have to take your commenting privileges away”.

People are going to be stupid regardless.

I refrain using words, like retard (which does not describe a mentally challenged person, actually this word was used among people to describe someone who was stupid or did stupid things), or if I use the word moron, I actually have to put spaces in between, or the word disgusting cannot be used, but on Tiktok, no issues with those words, with the exception of retarded.

Here are some words that the algorithm doesn’t like because it “promotes violence”, which it isn’t but let’s just go with it.

Murder and/or kill is now “unalive” because no one can think of a better word.

Sexual assault or sexual abuse is, “SA”. Rape is now just, “r” or “r*pe*, if you’re spelling it out.

And then the most obvious exceptions of the N word, which is unacceptable, period!

However, using the word, “nigga” is accepted but only within black culture. Widely used in various rap songs, if any white person is caught even singing the words, would be regarded as a racist, and I’m saying, but you put the word in the lyrics.

How about, don’t fucking use such stupid ass words. It’s not cool and it’s not a representation for people of color, ever!

My childhood friends are predominately black. I don’t think we would have ever thought up such a word as acceptable. We weren’t that stupid.

And while some words are just the epitome of let’s make up a word we can use in a rap song, these are the same people crying about taking down statutes or accusing people of microaggression when complimenting on their hair, because why not just say "thank you" and keep it moving.

There has to be a "bigger conspiracy" going on here.

People may not agree with the taking down statutes that depicted a terrible time in our country. However, deleting or erasing something, because “you” don’t like it, doesn’t change anything about our history, as if it never happened.

It did happen!

It was a disgusting time for humanity. A time where people were not treated equal, and people of color were regarded as lower class, were not allowed to be educated, treated like cattle, abused and killed, just for their skin color.

Let us not forget that!!!!

But that doesn’t mean we get to go around pointing the finger at every person who’s not of color and accuse them of racism.

And yet, those posts are shared every day with no issues.

Same goes for racist people who share post with undertones of racism, yet their accounts go unscathed.

Even posts where both sides of men and women talking about how they treat their partners or how they deserve to be abused. For some reason, those posts go unscathed, no matter how many people respond and complain.

Every day someone is going to share a post where half will agree, and the other half will not and spend days arguing in response to why they don’t agree with the other side. We have all done it. What I can’t stand, if there is no threat involved, why are we reporting responses we don’t agree with?

Is that going to stop me from creating content for my audience who enjoys what I put together? Nope.

Is that going to stop me from sharing my personal opinions on other social platforms? Nope.

Will that stop me from commenting on someone who thinks soap is a bad thing and hasn't used soap since 2020 and stupid women agreeing this bullshit? NOPE!

The problem with Instagram is very obvious. Instagram priorities is to protect the snowflake feelings of those who cannot handle reality. These are the same people who say, “oh I don’t like TikTok, they spy on you”.

Funny, when you joined Facebook the same thing happened, but no one wants to admit that. How many jobs were lost because of a picture on Facebook?

How many job offers were rescinded because of one picture on Facebook?

Sit on that for a minute.

I like Tiktok because I’m seeing the world in real time. I get news on there I don’t see on local news and never will. People from around the world posting their lives and experiences, things I may never see with my own eyes.

How many people knew what happened on Wednesday, September 20th?

Did anyone know of the Maga’s were marching to, “protect the children” and not from gun violence, but from the LGBTQ communities. Did anyone see a live on that?

Probably not. And it's not a matter of "violating community guidelines" but staying informed, even if it's the madness you don't want to see.

On YouTube shorts, there was a guy who posted on Angelina Jolie’s daughter being a tomboy growing up and now she dresses like a beautiful girl without the parents imposing she wanted to be a boy.

I don’t know where this dude got his info from, but it’s amazing how people forget, once upon a time, girls were tomboys, which simply meant, they liked dressing up in jeans and shirts and didn’t want to be bothered with “girly” things like make up. Why must we assume, any child who just likes to go through a phase, that parents are imposing transgender thoughts onto their child.

Instead of worrying about if a parent is running to the local doctor to get hormone pills, “before those boobs grow out”, why aren’t we worried about these outlandish Christian parents who are torturing their babies with “blanket therapy”.


Where the fuck is everyone’s head at, where people, who can’t even think for themselves, thinking Donald Trump is some kind of god, when he’s just an outright racist asshole. He knows exactly what he’s doing by toying with these people and taking them for every red cent.

Do you think he’s going to take time out to visit any of these asses in jail? Shit, he gonna be cellmates at the rate he’s going.

It’s great we have different platforms to utilize and share our thoughts, pictures, promote our businesses, however, where is the respect over mere disagreements.

I’m going to end with this.

There’s a guy on YouTube, who posted recently, he received an email from YouTube his channels, moving forward, will be demonetized.

They are also holding back money he made before they made that decision. I felt for this guy. Like why would YouTube do that?

Upon looking at his channel, I see his content was more on the right side of politics by the context of his thumbnails. I did not view any of his other videos so I can’t say for sure where he broke guidelines, but the problem is still the same. While I may not agree with his politics, if he is harming no one, why report his channel and take away his income.

Again, these are the same people who cry and complain about their feelings being hurt because it doesn't fit in their narrative.

Well sweetheart, not everything in life is supposed to fit in your narrative, this is why they call it diversity, the one thing we do not respect in this country.

There are people who have a preference, and there are people with difference of opinions. We can all agree to disagree but it seems no one can do that. But when it comes to petty bullshit, that’s where I draw the line. There are bigger things to conquer and they can’t be done by complaining on Instagram which does nothing to cater any narrative that will make mankind better.

By the time I finished this, I was able to comment again, since my privileges were instilled back.

Regardless, there’s a part of the Instagram platform, that wants to dilute everyone with post of cats, hair styles, music and all is right with the world.

The more we turn away, the more we dig deep into a rabbit hole of forgetting how to live and how to handle life’s problems. Running away or reporting a comment will not improve any quality of life. There's only so much time we can dig our heads in the sand. It may be real ugly when we decide to come out.

Will it be too late by then?

Choose your battles wisely.

Until then. Take care of you.

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Glad to see you reposted this blog, this was a good one. That girl not having using soap, she must kill people's scents for life LOL.

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