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Effective Communication

  • 1 hour
  • 60 US dollars

Service Description

With our technology today, people feel safer expressing their feelings, whether it be using email, text or any other source that doesn't involve using our voice. Our voice is our method of expression. It doesn't come across on email. People can take your words and what I call, "apply their feelings" to your words, therefore creating a miscommunication. Our fears set in about communicating our thoughts to another person because of rejection or how that person will receive your words. In this process, we will learn how to effectively communicate, even though difficult times. Words hold power, but they can also be shared in a loving or affirmed manner, where we can feel better about ourselves, in not reflecting indirect anger for someone who doesn't deserve it. Coaching is a matter of sharing my experiences and the tools I have used to overcome obstacles in my life. I am not liable or responsible for what you choose to do after our sessions. I will never suggest you harm yourself or another person. Any conversations relating to this, I will be obligated to contact a licensed professional to help you. Love and light. Namaste.

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