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Year End Message 2022

My year end messages have always been a thing, that is, if you were a subscriber to my magazine, Kink~E Mag, hence the year end message will be posted here.

Earlier this year, I took the magazine down for a variety of reasons.

One of them being, I wanted to put more focus on Unfiltered and this new and improved Marabelle Blue site, the focal points on life coaching, tarot among other things relating to alternative living. While my life coaching channel wasn’t something I planned to do immediately, after my interview with Andrew of Caliper Wellness, I recorded an introduction video, started my new Youtube channel and here we are today.

I’ve noticed there were a lot of things weighing me down when it came to my magazine. Other than the longevity and redundancy since the inception in 2002, I began to take notice of the fakers growing on social media, exclaiming to have about ten years in the lifestyle. It seemed everyone always had ten years. I guess that’s a good round number. One in particular, was introduced to me by way of a former writer.

At first, I thought she was authentic, and after speaking to one in particular person who pointed her out to be something other than a Domme (it’s a small world people, this was someone who isn’t on social media who pointed this shit out to me), followed tweets calling themselves an, “educated domme”, signing “autographs” on wood slapsticks. I wondered where people were coming from, making a claim to fame within a lifestyle, where others outside of our world, either don’t respect us or laugh at how we live.

Last I checked, our lifestyle isn’t about acquiring fame, but sharing information so we may remain educated and in playing safe.


As I watched continuous fake social posts, either about past podcast productions and reviving them, being a madame, having millions of dollars and coming up with ideas which were actually stolen ideas, there was another feigning marketing experience, aligning themselves with what we are supposed to believe, are the best in the adult world, suddenly came crashing down.

I had an idea, this person was probably a fraud. The problem is, when you suspect someone isn’t being honest or forthcoming, either one of two things would happen; when you call out a person to be a fraud, either you’re not drinking the kool aide, (in some cases kook aide) and then be viewed as a troublemaker or jealous, or you find people who know for a fact you are being truthful either because they had bad or unpleasant experiences or they knew too many people who had questionable experiences and told others in confidence.

What pissed me off the most, “Miss Marketer”, not only was stealing books from others, but basically repackaging bullshit calling it her own that anyone can find off the internet.