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Welcome 2022!!! Happy New Year!

I can’t believe we are in 2022 and so much has been accomplished last year – I’m excited to do more.

Now that things are flowing a bit better than they were early last year, I’m finally getting many things in order.

Last year, I was toying a little bit with exposing I do tarot reading. I’ve been doing this since I was 16 years but never made it public knowledge until recently. There are some things I like to keep to myself, just because people have a habit of taking advantage when they find out about your sixth sense.

Pretty much everyone has it, it’s all a matter of how you tune into yourself so you can understand the messages that are being received.

I’m excited to announce, I will be offering exclusive tarot readings as well as other types of spiritual work. You can link up to book online to view those services. In addition to the spiritual work, I will still offer my exclusive coaching for business.

This is a great time to jump at the opportunity to focus on your goals, using different tools you won’t find on YouTube. Sure, we can get our daily inspirational messages from powerhouse speakers, however, it’s not as if you can reach out to these people, without throwing an exuberant amount of money that some of us may not have.

It is true, at the end of the day, our time is money, it’s a matter of a how you choose your coach and what they offer you that’s going to make a difference in your life.

I’m happy to be able and step in and help you be a success this year, either through my collection of tarot or coaching.

In addition, I finally completed my studio! More Youtube videos as well as Tiktok lives! Be sure to follow my channel here: and my Tiktok here:

Until then. Take care of you!


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