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Those Weird Tactics - Are Women in Business Getting Scammed?

People who decide to own a business are very driven individuals who want to venture on their own. Of course, with any business, there are certain strategies one should take in order to achieve full potential to earn money.

From building the business model to marketing, business management falls under so many facets. Think about bigger corporations who have departments just dedicated to marketing strategies and even that alone will have different drivers which fall under that category.

Which brings me here, as to why I’m writing this short piece for you today.

With the success of Servboxx and its continued growth and new products for sale, I wanted to expand my business by advertising with a local popular newspaper out here in Phoenix.

I made an initial contact on their site. I filled out their customary contact form request in order to receive their PDF file of their marketing and statistics and why you should advertise with them.

A few days later I received an email from a gentleman who was going to be my account rep and help me with the necessary paperwork, graphic arts, etc., I would need in order to advertise.

I thought great, someone who understands, not going to waste my time and I can begin advertising.



I get a zoom invite meeting so we can discuss my advertising needs for the type of business I own.

When the day arrived, I was greeted with a person who seemed he was ready to discuss my needs and how we can tackle getting my business in the newspaper, but the conversation made a 180 from positive to assortments of “criticism” I did not expect.

While I am always open to constructive criticism for improvement, there’s a big difference between constructive and just outright rude.

Before I get into the details, let me just say this…. anyone into business coaching or marketing advice, the WORST thing you can do is tell a potential client they can’t do certain things because of your personal and unfounded information. That piece of info now becomes your own personal shit opinion, especially when you don’t have the findings to back up the bullshit you’re spewing to someone you want as a client.

That’s like going to a therapist and they spew hate on what you’re doing and tell you, “Wel