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The Influx of Tarot Readers - Who's Real, Who's Not

In 2021, I began watching this tarot reader on Youtube.

I didn’t think much of it, other than I enjoyed her readings and her positive ways of expressing herself. I hadn’t seen this type of material on Youtube which made it as a suggestion, I guess due to the paranormal videos I watch.

For a while, it was just her I would watch, as there weren’t many suggestions filtering in, or I wasn’t paying attention, since it wasn’t the first thing I was looking for on Youtube.

Who was going to drive me away from Slapped Ham’s scary videos or Nuke’s Top 5?

During this time, I was in the mindset of letting go of someone who I thought was my person, and in these readings, sometimes I felt a glimmer of hope, and most times, when she would express, they were coming back, my mind went to, “yeah right”.

While I found them helpful, keeping in mind these were collective readings, I did think about and even questioned, how did I pick a pile I related to so well. There were times, I watched the other piles of readings I didn’t choose to see if she would say the same things and she did not, in addition, I didn’t relate to that reading.

It would be about a year before the algorithms caught up and Youtube was offering me other readers. One in particular, caught my attention. At first listen, I liked the vibe and she was different from readers I had experienced over time. The problem, after a while, the readings became more like a therapy session, with more on the therapy and less on the reading.

As more suggestions filtered in, I noticed one of two things. If the Youtuber gained 50k or more subscribers, their attitudes changed and they become more impersonal, instead of staying the path of the reason why they created the channel in the first place or they divert into other things which took away the reason why people related to their channel in the first place. (I haven’t hit that mark yet but follow me and let’s see what happens).

Now while technically, I am not in an exclusive relationship, I do consider the person I am with, “my person” (yes same person I just noted above), in the sense I love him and I’m not interested in dating or seeing anyone else.

I’m not in a place in my life where I want to venture out and date and “see what’s out there”, even having empty sex isn’t an option I’m willing to explore. I look at it like this, why date others, while being in love with someone else and having that person make commitments, I’m not interested in giving the same back. Does that sound fair to the other person who’s open and making time to make commitments for me? (This will be a separate topic discussion).

I will say this, the uncertainty prior to him expressing his feelings for me this year, I spent most of my mornings last year, listening to this reader as well as other inspirational speakers.

Now that he’s in my life, I’m listening to more readers who are focused on the Divine Feminine aspects, soulmates or twin flames.