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The Influx of Tarot Readers - Who's Real, Who's Not

In 2021, I began watching this tarot reader on Youtube.

I didn’t think much of it, other than I enjoyed her readings and her positive ways of expressing herself. I hadn’t seen this type of material on Youtube which made it as a suggestion, I guess due to the paranormal videos I watch.

For a while, it was just her I would watch, as there weren’t many suggestions filtering in, or I wasn’t paying attention, since it wasn’t the first thing I was looking for on Youtube.

Who was going to drive me away from Slapped Ham’s scary videos or Nuke’s Top 5?

During this time, I was in the mindset of letting go of someone who I thought was my person, and in these readings, sometimes I felt a glimmer of hope, and most times, when she would express, they were coming back, my mind went to, “yeah right”.

While I found them helpful, keeping in mind these were collective readings, I did think about and even questioned, how did I pick a pile I related to so well. There were times, I watched the other piles of readings I didn’t choose to see if she would say the same things and she did not, in addition, I didn’t relate to that reading.

It would be about a year before the algorithms caught up and Youtube was offering me other readers. One in particular, caught my attention. At first listen, I liked the vibe and she was different from readers I had experienced over time. The problem, after a while, the readings became more like a therapy session, with more on the therapy and less on the reading.

As more suggestions filtered in, I noticed one of two things. If the Youtuber gained 50k or more subscribers, their attitudes changed and they become more impersonal, instead of staying the path of the reason why they created the channel in the first place or they divert into other things which took away the reason why people related to their channel in the first place. (I haven’t hit that mark yet but follow me and let’s see what happens).

Now while technically, I am not in an exclusive relationship, I do consider the person I am with, “my person” (yes same person I just noted above), in the sense I love him and I’m not interested in dating or seeing anyone else.

I’m not in a place in my life where I want to venture out and date and “see what’s out there”, even having empty sex isn’t an option I’m willing to explore. I look at it like this, why date others, while being in love with someone else and having that person make commitments, I’m not interested in giving the same back. Does that sound fair to the other person who’s open and making time to make commitments for me? (This will be a separate topic discussion).

I will say this, the uncertainty prior to him expressing his feelings for me this year, I spent most of my mornings last year, listening to this reader as well as other inspirational speakers.

Now that he’s in my life, I’m listening to more readers who are focused on the Divine Feminine aspects, soulmates or twin flames.

Do I personally believe the accuracy of the readings? Yes.

Do I believe everything in the reading is for me? No.

The difference between connecting one to one with a reader and listening to someone on Youtube, or even Tiktok, is the “collective reading” aspect. People seem to forget, what they are watching, doesn’t necessarily mean the specific messages or the entire reading is meant for them. The readings are designed to be a collection of messages for groups of people and not just one person. Hence, if you want something more exclusive, most readers will leave links where you can directly to pay for private services.

Here's the one important thing I’ve learned over the course of my life and having experience with tarot readers.

Not every tarot reader is authentic.

If you didn’t understand read that line again.

I’ve been reading tarot since I was 16 years old. Under the advisement of my elders, it was always important to let the client know they always have choices.

During the era of the late 80’s, tarot wasn’t a topic of daily conversation and if it was brought up, most people believed they were just grifters, telling you anything you wanted to believe for a price. I still believed there were people with gifts, it just wasn’t something openly discussed.

While others don’t have an issue exposing their gifts, one should question, are most of these tarot readers truly gifted?

Most are not.

Hate me if you want, it’s okay.

With all of this in mind, I’ve noticed the influx of readers all over social media, most using oracle cards which are basically written messages accompanied with images. They are a very effective tool for getting messages across and I personally enjoy them, having invested in oracle cards myself.

There are also creators who have handwritten cards and have the intuitive to speak messages through those cards. One in particular, I love listening to. She truly has a gift of clairaudience, which is “the power to hear sounds said to exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience or capacity, as the voices of the dead”. She truly has a real connection.

Now if you’re a skeptic reading this, I can understand, however, there are things, which do happen, that cannot readily be explained. Granted, I am bias, because I grew up around this, despite coming up from a Catholic upbringing, which I’m proud to say, I do not practice anymore, having been in this practice for quite number of years, it has given me access to see who is real and who isn’t.

Which brings me to this point. Recently, I noticed someone on Tiktok who was doing a live using a yes or no oracle board. This is a very simplistic tool because the oracle is solely used for yes or no questions. In addition, using this tool, makes things go quicker when your room is full of people asking questions in quick motions. I don’t believe Tiktok has a feature where you can slow down a chat. Needless to say, not only did this person proceed to give false answers, but following up the yes or no with additional information without using additional tools for clarifications is a big no.

Unless this person is clairaudient, which I highly doubt, anything after “yes” or “no” is irrelevant, and offering terrible advice and misinformation without using other means to get clarification on the answer.

On top of that, the person proceeded to answer another question, informing a person about spirits from a specific religion are around her and protecting her, was an additional pack of lies.

I say this because in this particular religion, these aren’t sprits who linger around and protect you, these are spirits you conjure and have them do your bidding and if you’re not familiar with how it all works, I would suggest not to fuck with them, because to do so will cost you dearly. Trust me.

There are many “seers” on Tiktok, including one who tells you the name of your soulmate. It makes for great entertainment while getting paid but this is nothing to take seriously.

The names of these individuals aren’t important. What is important to know, most who get into this by just seeing a video and believing, they too, can make extra money, without the education or respect for a person who is looking for a guide and trusting you are that source to help them navigate a situation.

It's like the fake seers complaining about the fake seers making accounts, using their name and contacting their “fan base” for money for a reading, but they aren’t they doing the same exact thing?

I have no issues connecting with readers who have proved their authenticity and paying for private reading. What I do have a problem are the “Miss Cleo’s” scamming people by giving them false hope and having them addicted to readings and the person forgets their own free will.

Here are the things anyone should look out for when exploring tarot readers:

If any reader says you are being hexed, you are in serious danger or your life is at stake and you need to pay them “x” amount of dollars to get the hex off, do not fall for this. This is a very high-level scam using fear and having you believe money will take everything off. They will find ways to get you to spend more money once they see you’re easily fooled.

If you want to get a lover to come back you, and the person asks you to send pictures or videos of you masturbating, do not send them anything of the sort, especially if you’ve shared any personal information previous before your request, such as your home address or place of work. They can use this to extort and blackmail you into giving them more money. Do not under any circumstances succumb to this scam.

It’s important you feel comfortable when with your reader. If doing an in-person readings, and they ask you to do something unusual like, “take off your clothes”, under the guise to get more comfortable, an authentic tarot reader will not ask any of this. There’s no need to do anything of the sort for any readings. Not even Reiki healers will ask such a thing.

Never share any personal info, like bank accounts, social security numbers, your home address, any pertinent information which can be used. It is fine if you share your birthday, for example month and date. but that’s it.

It is never okay for a tarot reader to play therapist and give suggestions and/or medication to help you along your journey. Tarot readers are not doctors, financial advisors, or any profession, which may require a license to practice. If you need medical or financial advice, please contact a licensed professional and of course, any emergencies call 911 or the suicide hotline 988.

Always, always listen to your intuition.

As a disclaimer, your reading is for entertainment purposes only. Not all tarot readers will “get it right” and you won’t resonate with everything in a reading. Keep in mind, the choices which lie ahead are yours and yours alone.

Living your life, based on what a tarot reader tells you, isn’t healthy and this is coming from me who also does this for a living.

But, I’m also a life coach, and that service is something apart from any tarot reading or what a reader can provide if not educated in that field.

People who scam within this particular field, don’t care about your life. They only care about what’s in your pocket and what can they tell you to keep the money heading in their direction, especially when it comes to love readings. Aside from focusing on trying to get your wayward lover to return, please keep in mind, there’s a reason why people grow apart, even if it’s for a temporary moment. Love yourself first and everything else will fall into place.

When I began to give readings at the age of 16, I always let everyone know, you can’t change the past but you can change your future, here is the guide through these cards and if you choose not to take that route, you can always go the other way.

To be a reader is to be responsible.

To be a life coach is to be nonjudgmental.

To be someone selling a pack of lies to make money is called a scammer.

Stay woke.

Until then. Take care of you.


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