So...this Bella Thorne thing...

I must be in my own world, because one of my subs told me last night Bella Thorne had joined OnlyFans causing the site to crash.


Now while there may be people in support of Bella joining OnlyFans because the probability of having her fans find you is "great"!

And then there are those who are oppose to it for the mere fact, we all know what OnlyFans is used for and if you're not making the sacrifice of showing yourself, but only putting pictures of what you're putting on Instagram, then OnlyFans and any other fan site it not for you.

Here's the issue with the top part of thinking her fans will find you. Most likely not. While it gives new people the opportunity to peruse around the site, if you're not as popular as maybe a porn star who is promoting regularly, someone like me (just use me as an example) will not get "found" because Bella Thorne joined in as seeing me on any feed. However, there could be a small chance if people are looking to see who's online. But the chances are slim to say the least. People may not agree with me and that's okay.

The bottom line is, your fans will support YOU, either way.

Now here's the other part to this. While people were making complaints about Bella ripping them off by just posting the same pictures you can find on Instagram from free, people were taking an opportunity by posting their own links on the feed, believing if they do that, somehow they will generate a fan base through someone else who failed to deliver.

That may work, BUT let's remember, promoting on a timeline of irate members who feel slighted because they were expecting to see more, aren't interested in getting slighted again by other OnlyFans member. Right now, they are just thinking about getting their money back and not giving it to you.

The other side to this is using your marketing skills to fill the timeline of another.

Not cool.

I say this because I have seen people comment on someone's timeline, seeing they have a high follower account and place a comment unrelated to what the person is discussing, in promoting their products, links, etc.

What does that say about you? How seriously do you want people to take you and your business?

Commenting on a timeline with angry people just to push your product is like hijacking a bunch of people to buy into some type of "pyramid" scheme.

Again, there will be people who will not agree with me at all. That's okay.

I'm not saying this to degrade anyone on how they do their business, my goals is to make you aware these types of marketing tactics almost never work and if they do, it will be for a short time.

Someone on Twitter made a very good comment, "your fans are YOUR fans", meaning that those who enjoy the quality of work you put out, will stay with you and someone like Bella Thorne who doesn't have an upper hand in the Hollywood industry, shouldn't be a threat to you or your work.

Notice there are many people in Hollywood, grasping at straws to stay afloat. Their lack of business marketing, is having people like Jada Pinkeett Smith talking about threesomes, sex, etc just to keep herself in the front lines for all the world to see. Most celebrities now have taken more to Instagram, doing more 'Lives', acknowledging their fan base, even saying hi to them by name to keep them as fans.

Again there's nothing wrong with this, it's great they do acknowledge fans. I mean in the midst of Covid, why not.

But when this is "over", if it ever will be, where will these celebrities be? Will they still take time out and say hi to their fan base? Acknowledge them by name when doing a live?

Or will they be someone like Bella Thorne, out to rip off her fans just to keep herself relevant?

I would love to know what you think.

Subscribe to my blogs and comment on what you think on celeb behavior during Covid.

Until then, Take care of you!

Loves and Hugs,

Marabelle Blue


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