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Samhain Group Cleansing Ritual

Hello everyone! In this new video I talked about different levels of advise from friends when it comes to your personal relationships and business, either self employed, having employees or your co-workers.

The most important aspect when sharing with your friends and family about hurdles or issues is making sure people understand and come from a non judgmental place when you're sharing.

I really had fun making this video, despite talking about the disaster. Discussing different aspects of my life, including my experiences sharing with people, as well as using Lindy and Miguel from Married at First Sight, as examples of what not to do when communicating with your partner and being able to understand how to not misdirect your anger.

With that in mind, there are many things going on in the world today, which effect our daily lives. It helps to find our center and remain there so we can deflect those negative energies elsewhere.

I'm opening up the doors for Samhain and offering a white candle cleansing group ritual for October 31. If you would like to participate, please connect with my - the price for this group ritual is $11.11.

You will have until October 30th, 5PM MST (I live in AZ so East Coasters, you have time as I am three hours behind the East Coast!)

Please note, it is one intention, one price. If you have multiple cleansing intentions, it will be $11.11 per intention. Don't forget to write your intention so that I can print out and place underneath your candle. You may use the contact form at the bottom of the page to send your intentions. If you need an alternate payment, other than Venmo, please connect me with so I can give you my other alternatives.

I hope to help you begin a new year with new hope and aspirations.

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Until then. Take care of you!

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