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Time for a Change!

Hello everyone and welcome!

For the last year now, I have been slowly transitioning and implementing new changes in my business model.

While I still have my magazine and will be actively conducting interviews, I saw there was a need for a change in how these interviews are steered. With everyone jumping on the bandwagon of "I want to be an interviewer" and "podcaster", I began to see a true need for change.

It's great when people find their voice, but when everyone is doing the same thing, your voice can get lost in the sauce.

In addition, social media is changing ever so drastically, and with these changes there are those who perpetuate lies about how social accounts work and the meanings of the terms of service.

When I began my "adulting" trend, I knew this was something I planned for the short term. To be fair to my fans who have supported me, it's not a true desire I wish to continue because my passions are elsewhere in what I truly wish to journey through.

While there are those who wish to continue and prosper, I’m seeing an extremely frightening measure of certain people taking advantage of others by inciting fear tactics upon community members who rely on different platforms for their source of income.

I don't have to throw in any names, anyone who's aware will know exactly whom I speak of, because I too, along with many others, have fallen prey to the deception some time ago.

Being part of the adult community for so many years, has given me such enormous insight on how wonderful of a group we are and how much we need to protect ourselves and future members from falling victim to liars and thieves.

For a long time, I thought I wasn't good enough to help others, to help transform their lives, feeling as though I didn't have enough experience and my business management education wasn't enough. There's a difference between having knowledge and wanting to share that knowledge and being presumptuous.

I have found people will come forward and say and do things to make you question your business model and for "x" amount of dollars, “I will fix it for you”. If you follow the trend of deceivers you will see, people like this, are only in it for themselves and truly do not care about who they are helping. People who call themselves gurus don’t use fear tactics to divert your business model and deny information that may affect how you do business with your customers.

People who make long time investments in their business, should have the opportunity and options to make choices on long term goals.

I had an interesting conversation with a longtime friend last night and she mention as to why I haven’t gotten into setting up my coaching business. When I shared my plans on actively working on this idea, she told me not to hesitate and just do it.

Every day I spend meditating and reading materials, my goals continue to become clear. We all know that part of ourselves where we do things in our head and see the goals to completion and then there’s real life, when you’re still sitting in your bed and nothing was accomplished.

While what I am doing is nothing new, what I do have to offer is unique because it's tailored to help you. It’s more than just “marketing”. That’s just a small aspect of what business management is all about.

It’s also just a small part of becoming the person you wish to be. Our journeys teach us it’s not about arriving, it’s about continuing.

I’m happy about this transition and I’m looking forward to working with you in what you wish to accomplish. Be it business coaching, understanding or building your business model or even personal coaching. Social media plays a big part of how we view ourselves and never believe just because you see someone with thousands of followers, they are doing better than you.

Perception can play mind games in what others want you to believe.

When it comes to your business, there should never be a hidden agenda.

I’m looking forward to these changes and I’m looking forward to working with you.

Until then. Take care of you!

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