One Word Inspirations Paired with One Card Tarot -Wisdom and The King of Swords

This week we are focused on Wisdom. The dictionary definition to wisdom is, the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise”.

Social media, has sadly taken away much of this. People rely too much on “social influencers”, without any regard of doing research themselves.

The beauty about doing your own research is, you give yourself the ability to read, learn and understand the content you are reading. I remember back in the early days of Jr. high school, we had a teacher who loved to write series of lessons on the blackboard. The board would be filled from left to right. All of us raced to write everything she wrote (yes we didn’t have computers like you guys do) and anything we missed before she erased it and began writing more, we would refer to our friends who captured what we may have missed. Most times it wasn’t the same, as everyone has a different interpretation of what they read and how they took notes.

On top of that, she was known as a “mean” teacher, but I’ll will say this, she was well respected because she knew her shit and she knew it well. If you wanted to learn history from this teacher, trust you would be sitting in the front and listening intently.

What happened to those days?

It’s sad to see in the adult community how intelligent woman are listening to people who are robbing them blind. The wisdom to know the difference goes right out the window.

In real life, we must never rely on one person when it comes to our business dealings. Never ever!

The King of Swords compliments wisdom extremely well. See, I don’t believe some things happen just because, especially when it comes to the tarot. As another reader I listen to avidly, she says, “the tarot cards are a guide”, and events are not set in stone.

When I used to do readings in my earlier days, I would tell everyone to keep in mind, what comes up in your reading doesn’t mean it will infinitely happen and happen in the order of what the cards are saying. At times, some events may not happen. For example, there was a reading I got years ago, back in 2009. I remember distinctly because of the person I was with at the time. I was very much in love and there were two things she told me, one I would attend a wedding where someone would have peacocks in the wedding. That, has yet to happen.

The other was, she saw me separating from the man I was with at the time.

I refused to believe what she was telling me. I said to her, “Oh no, that is wrong, I don’t think that’s going to happen”.

Sure enough, in November of 2009, I ended the relationship.

See at the time, my love was greater than the wisdom I had about that particular relationship. In my backwards world of putting myself second, I designated my sword to rationalize why that relationship was great. I’m not getting into the gritty details because that will be in my book, however, the King of Swords is a person who stands with knowledge about his/her decision making, with wisdom and the flexibly to understand instead of standing on ignorance.

In short, if you don’t have the knowledge or have done the homework in any situation, how can you fight or advocate without that wisdom.

Think about the motivational speakers I’ve been sharing on Instagram. This past week, I posted a short speech by Les Brown. He makes a comment about how he lost 22 pounds….several times.

The audience laughs, because they relate. After all, when someone shares something personal and it’s done with that touch of sarcastic humor behind it, we all can relate in one form or another. You see Les Brown isn’t sharing this info to get a laugh. He’s sharing this information to say, how many times have we been on that road before, and even though we may digress, we still have the knowledge and wisdom to do better.

This is the definition of the King of Swords.

For as long as we give ourselves the chance to gain knowledge and read about subjects that intrigue us, we give ourselves the chance to do better. Like I said in my Instagram post, I have seen people be the greatest keyboard and meme warriors of all time. Sharing misinformation on a daily. Yet, as I see them mishandle and misinform, not one of them gets up to do any public service whatsoever. Therefore, missing out on the stance to learn and allow their intellect to expand.

The wisdom, really is, to know the difference.

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