One Word Inspirations - Mastery

The dictionary definition of Mastery is “comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment”.

When I think about the word mastery, it makes me think about how much I’ve accomplished and how much more open I am willing to learn and educate myself.

The word mastery isn’t about arriving, but knowing and feeling comfortable with what you have learned and be willing to share that knowledge.

Mastery isn’t about being better than someone else, but appreciating the lessons and the values of what you are learning or have learned and how they make you feel better about yourself. Also remembering there’s always room for improvement.

There are those who master becoming a chef, or becoming the best doctor, to achieve what sciences haven’t gotten to yet. We have those who achieve to touch those with their writings.

Whatever your desires, the most important part of mastery is to stay focused. It’s easy to look outside of ourselves and look at what others are accomplishing and feeling we haven’t achieved anything. The more focused we stay in practicing our craft, the more we find ways to improve.

While we may never feel like a master, just knowing we have the ability to achieve our goals is what matters.

Three things to remember:

Stay focused.

Be realistic about your goals.

Practice isn’t about perfection – but about repetition.