One Word Inspirations – Cooperation Paired with The Lovers Tarot Card

No surprise, yet again, how the inspirational word cards pair up so lovely with the tarot cards.

This week’s word is Cooperation. The dictionary word meaning for cooperation is, “the process of working together to the same end.”

Cooperation works on so many levels, from relationship with family members, relationships with your partner, friends, coworkers and even social media peers.

On a business level, I have learned there are some things I truly cannot share with anyone even with the best intentions. There are people waiting to whisk away with your plans and ideas without any consideration of your business, especially with those you may have a potential cooperative relationship. Even if you feel you can trust someone on a business level, no matter how much the temptation, do not share any projects with them until you have completed your project and ready to share with the world.

The fact is everyone in the business world is on a need-to-know basis. As a friend of mine told me recently, when big name product companies come out with something new, you don’t know in advance they are making it, you know the day of the launch.

So, with that business advice in mind, not everyone we work with is not on the same level of cooperation.

On a much more personal level, cooperation with family members and partners can be quite the challenge. We must always remember, when in relationships, we are not making decisions for ourselves and ourselves alone. This is why when the Lovers card fell out from my deck, it was no coincidence how the pair falls together.

The Lovers card is about real cooperation and harmonization. Although we live through many temptations, the idea is to rise above those temptations and finding respect for our partner, family members and friends.

Yes, in “real life”, people may say, “well I’m going to treat others how I am treated”, or “if my partner ignores me, well I’ll do the same”. The fact is if we are with a partner, we have no respect for, then why are we with them?

When we have the pleasure of working with others, it should be with honorable intentions. We should never work with someone to take away what they have, instead complimenting your relationships.

There are people who will fall back, because “familiarity breeds content”. And what that simply means is, instead of venturing to the unknown, or feeling you are worth more, we stay with what we have in front of us.

You see, I did that when I met ShitShow. I felt well, this was the best I was going to get so let me figure it out. But no matter what I did, just looking at him after a while repulsed me. I no longer looked at him with eyes who adored or cared, if that ever existed to be honest. There were more questions I had about the longevity of that disaster than feeling I had a partner who was willing to cooperate and be on the same level, to work and to care for a family, instead of sleeping and drinking all day.

I had to dig deep inside and remind myself, I deserved way better than this bullshit I was allowing to be served every day.

In closing, let us remember the true spirit of cooperation, which is the process of working together. There will be times we cannot, for whatever reasons that will be. For as long as we understand that process and don’t give in to unrealistic temptations, we can make better choices for ourselves and live in the harmony the Lovers card displays.

Until then. Take care of you.

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