One Word Inspirations – Contribution

When I first became clean and sober, I remember hearing a lot about how I can play a part in my contribution back to society.

I wasn’t quite sure exactly what that meant. Did I have to contribute money?

There are many different meanings to contribution. Yes, contribution can be part of a donation to help a cause. It can also mean bringing something to help an organization that may be used over many years to help the organization be more successful. For example, if there’s a business model an organization can use in order to achieve growth, that contribution can possibly see a force where they can make differences in their communities.

Your contribution can even help family members or friends by offering unconditional love in friendship.

The 10 of cups accompanies contribution on many levels. If you have been working towards higher career moves, whether self-employed or public service, trust all of your time will pay off.

On a family and/or friendship level, the 10 of cups informs us your contribution to your family and friends by giving them emotional support will come back in many beautiful folds because the Universe is always watching.

The 10 of cups is a very deep card. It talks about many different aspects of your life, things you have been working towards and if you are feeling down and unsure, trust this card is showing you all of your hard work is coming to fruition. No one makes personal contributions without getting something in return. Keep in mind what I mentioned in the beginning. When you make a donation, you are paying it forward. No one needs to know and there’s no need for an announcement you did something good. This is the part of humility. Humbleness reminds us we don’t have to be recognized for every little good thing we do. The good deeds we do in private, know the Universe sees and blesses you tenfold.

All in all, we must remember with contribution, have faith.