One Word Inspirations - Community

It’s no surprise as I shuffled my inspiration cards, this one came up.

Community back in the day was a group of people who stood for something and protected one another. But…back in the day, the world seemed smaller.

Fast forward to today, I find people who claim to support their local communities, really don’t.

And only when it serves them, they will support, as long as they don’t have to part with their money.

The definition word of community means “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.”

Now think about this carefully, because the definition discusses nothing of money but more of a commonality.

We see these groups every day, from groups of people who want to protect their heritage and nationality, community groups have grown tremendously over time.

The idea of community is to protect and to keep alive the traditions they are born into.

But when a community is mocked for their belief systems, especially when they are bothering no one, is what creates the problem.

The flip side to communities are ones which are built with the idea to take away from others, because they don’t like it or it goes against their own ideology.

Some communities have become almost terroristic, in ways, of making threats and even at times, making those threats come to fruition by harming with income and finances people who work hard to survive and put food on the table and keep a roof over their head.

Let us keep in mind when we build communities to harm others, you’re not doing the work of keeping harmony, rather keeping discord within those communities.

How do we learn about other communities? We participate, support and learn more about values and goals.

When I was in school, teachers always reminded us, a closed mind locks away something new you can learn and have a better respect for others around you.

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