One Word Inspirations – Caring

In addition to my weekly one word inspirations blog – I’ve included a short video with a surprise….one word tarot reading accompanied with the cards.

I thought this would be a great addition to the cards I shuffle week to week and now you have a video version of how it all goes down. 😊

This week’s word is Caring.

Caring is a big word but it’s also an emotion we have to be careful with.

Why is that, you might ask.

Stemming from my own personal experiences, there were things and/or people, I cared about too much, but they didn’t care as much as I did.

Let’s use people, for example, relationships.

Think about times, you’ve invested in someone who didn’t have the same care or investment in your relationships.

Did you find yourself arguing with your partner because you felt they didn’t care enough? Did you feel you were the one carrying the relationship? It comes to a point where you may have exhausted every possibility to have the person care as much as you do, but guess what…caring doesn’t require that much work if you have to make the other person feel just as passionate.

Now, thinking about caring from a business standpoint and your perspective everything you do is about being as professional as you can. Whether you are selling a product or you are the product, you want to come across as professional as possible, because if you don’t, your customer base may think you don’t care that much to put in the effort, so why should they buy from you?

When I initially launched Servboxx, I thought about how it would tie into my magazine, not really thinking about how it should be an independent product. A couple of months after I launched, I shared the site with a friend, and they suggested I should take a look at the pictures I’m taking and maybe make them clear for the customer who’s looking at them using the zoom tool. If it wasn’t for that suggestion, I would have been clueless, at least for a little while.

Even so, I had been thinking about changing the style of the logo to reflect the boxes which is what you see here today.

When you care about your business, it shows and when it shows, people will be a part of it and support it.

The Five of Cups paired with the Caring card, signifies when we care too much about a failure or something that’s no longer a part of us, we forget about what the other cups have to offer. There are times we have to look at the failures so we can learn how to succeed better.

Mistakes happen so we can learn. But if we care to focus too much on the mistakes, we forget about the successes waiting for us.

In closing, as the old saying goes, “sharing is caring”, is something I used to hear quite often when I made 12 step meetings. The idea of that is when we see someone hurting, or feeling down about something, we stand by and listen. We may share or identify how we felt in similar situations and what were the tools we used to overcome it.

In addition, when someone is feeling good about something, we can also celebrate and share in those joys. Another form of caring and stepping out of our own way, especially if we’re not feeling good about something at the moment.

Caring is a good character trait to have because when we care, we are passionate about something or a cause.

And remember, when we care about a cause, it doesn’t give you permission to enforce everyone to be part of that cause, but generate a respect for what you care about and perhaps they too will share in that care.

Until then. Take Care of You!

Marabelle Blue~

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