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Letting Go of Relationships

I couldn't wait to do this video since it was important for me to share the relevance of what it means to let go of relationships, even if you are in them.

I've noticed in watching some tarot readers online, there are some who seem to dictate where you should be at or what you should do when it comes to your relationship, even if you're not in one right now, what they refer to as "separation".

For me, I think when you're in separation, you're technically not in a relationship. Isn't that what a separation is?

Yes, we all like to hang on to hope, a person we love, comes back to us. Sometimes, the never ending story, may not be the happy ending we are achieving. It's not to be negative, but being realistic about holding out for someone who maybe doesn't want to be in a relationship.

On the flip side of things, I was listening to Abraham Hicks. I found her by accident, in listening to a variety of inspirational messages from Youtube. There was one video where she was talking to a lady about a relationship she didn't want to let go and in the midst of it, Abraham asked her, what if you met the same person with the same qualities, but he didn't look like him (of course if you are reading this, you can connect with your situation in how it may pertain to you) and there was a reluctance in the woman's voice, because you can hear, it was him she wanted and not a clone version of them.


When we fall in love, we fall in love with that person and everything about them. Their looks, their hair, the way they smile at you and joke with you. The way they call your name or how they sing to you. The ways they know things which effect you and things they know that may annoy you, even if it's just in jest.

There's a perfection about that one person, even if you met a clone, it's still not them.

And while Abraham discouraged the person from perhaps seeking out that person and giving someone else a chance, the fact remains, it's still that person's process to go through the cycle of whatever they have to go through to get to the other side.

Remember, your relationship with your partner, is yours and yours alone. It's not for a third party to intervene and make suggestions at their advice in what they would do without considering your feelings and the feelings of your partner. Unless there is a serious problem that can't be resolved with the both of you, that's usually the point where you may want to seek help with a licensed professional.

I hope you enjoy this video. Please consider subscribing to my new channel where I will be posting more of this type content and hope it helps you along your journey.

Until then. Take care of you.

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