Inspirational Word of the Week – Rationality Coupled with the Tarot Card The World

As I was shuffling the inspiration cards, I noticed one card was turned the other way which was Rationality. I put it back facing the same way as all the other cards and as I shuffled again, the card popped right out. So it was meant to be.

Let’s talk about rationality because people are truly confused with what this word means.

The dictionary adjective definition for Rational is, “agreeable to reason; reasonable; sensible: a rational plan for economic development.”


“having or exercising reason, sound judgment, or good sense:

a calm and rational negotiator.”

When I was using, I made all sorts of excuses why I needed to keep using. I wasn’t thinking, well if I keep drinking, one day my liver will give up and I’ll die. Nope. I was only thinking about the feeling I was going to get from either getting high or getting drunk. Nothing was rational about my using. It didn’t make sense.

When I look at the twitter feed, at times, there are people who are tweeting nonsense and trying to make a point within that nonsense. I’m not going to get into details because this post would be long enough as it is but if you think logically and not believe everything you read, things will start to make sense. One of the motivational speakers I listen to suggested to read books to keep your mind in tune.

What I try to read is tech news, news happenings of the world and of course anything motivational to keep me inspired and to be able to pass those good vibes along.

When we are not rational or thinking with rationality, our minds veer towards how we can make that one person look stupid and defy anything they are saying, even if it makes sense. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you or you don’t agree with them, it doesn’t give you the right to chastise them as a person without knowing who they are. Don’t think of celebrities, because as a person, who knows a few, what you see on television is not the person in real life.

Accompanied with the Rationality card is Rider Waite deck tarot card, The World. This card has many meaning in regards to celebrating an end to a journey or enjoying the fruitions of that journey. But it’s also a card of self-awareness of arriving to that journey.

When we are working towards a goal, we have to think in a rational thought of how to arrive at that goal. I have seen and coached too many people who jump at things and become frustrated when something doesn’t work out how they envisioned in their minds.

How we envision something in our minds and writing our plans out is how we are able to be rational in our decision making of what will work and what may not work. Remember, rational is an adjective which describes a noun or a pronoun. So, for example, if someone is discussing a plan you put together, someone will see you thought of your plan rationally”, because you didn’t just jump at an idea, you put careful thought into why and how.

The same goes when people want to jump into podcasting. They think right away, they can book guests and have a popular podcast overnight. That’s not the way it works. Booking guests is a tedious task, because you don’t want just anyone. And if you want just anyone, be prepared for people not to listen if the guests aren’t interesting or well educated.

Also jumping into it because everyone else is doing it, isn’t rational either. Life isn’t a popularity contest. Life is about succeeding at your goals and not worried about what the other person is doing. Once you worry about what others are doing and desiring to do what others are, don’t expect to succeed.

I hate being negative but I have to say this, as I have seen many of times people take other people’s ideas and think they can succeed on the gravy train of someone else’s work. And being the ideas didn’t originate from you, what will happen is you will run out of steam because the desire, the hard work, research and the heart isn’t there.

Before jumping ahead and something that sounds good, use your rationality and learn to trust it. There’s nothing wrong with your own research and there’s nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree if someone doesn’t see your ideas as you see them and vice versa.

The sooner we learn how to live in harmony with others, the better we can succeed.

Until then. Take care of you.

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