Inspiration Word of the Week – Compassion paired with The Fool Card

This was a word I truly did not expect. With so much happening in our world today, here in the states, I’m having trouble finding compassion for the ignorant at best.

But this is supposed to be inspirational, right?

The dictionary definition of compassion is, “sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.”

The other day while perusing on Instagram, it always seems late at night is when the creepy people pop in, either following me or sending me messages unrelated to anything that has anything to do with me or my business. Personally, it’s just as annoying as seeing those stupid responses from random accounts, “dm your business here” or “promote on here”. Both useless and ineffective.

This one particular message though, was part of a tag on my Marabelle Blue Unfiltered account where I post most of my reality tv blogs, etc. on that site (which BTW more blogs are coming, please be patient).

Someone took the liberty of creating an account to bully someone I went to college with, discussing personal things relating to my friend, which by reading, I wasn’t sure if the information posted was real to begin with.

The first thing I did was send the link to my friend, the second thing I did was remove myself from the post because whatever the situation was, had nothing to do with me.

After my friend reviewed this account, she contacted me and shared personal things I’m not at liberty to disclose, but the point being, social media today, lacks compassion worldwide and I’m at fault with that too.

Plenty of times, I have seen things on social media and have ran with these ideas, never doing the research for myself and when I started to do the research on postings and questioned people about where they got their info from, I was met with a barrage of negativity and the “how dare you” attitude of even questioning the validity of the information I’m supposed to take at face value.

Compassion can be for anything, from having compassion for animals which I do and most times if any, I care more about animal rescue than I do humans, and not that I need to disclose this, when I can, I do donate to animal organizations. This is where my strong compassion lies.

I have compassion for those who go out of their way to help, no matter how big or small or for anyone who stops their whole life and travel long distances to help the needy or those in war. For anyone who does that, big props for the courage to do so.

But, I lack compassion for those who do things to people on purpose because they do like to see them suffer.

When people lack compassion, these are the very same people who create and cause trouble, because they are themselves, miserable.

How ‘The Fool’ card falls in line with compassion because in reverse, the person or persons with lack of empathy and compassion consistently make faulty choices, expecting for the world to side with them. They will lie, cheat and deceive to get people to see their outrageous sort of nonsense and sooner or later, those people will fall from the short cliff they’ve built for themselves.

There’s no way anyone can keep going, befalling those around them and survive. Bernie Madoff is a good example of that, and those around him were affected tremendously.

I believe there will be those who will forever lack compassion for another human being.

On the flip side, ‘The Fool’ card discusses about making positive choices and accomplishing the most impossible goals because they believe they can do it for the betterment of mankind.

This is why these two pairs compliment each other so well both on the positive and the reversed meanings when it comes to compassion.

As for my friend, she is handling her situation. As for the other person, they decided to take the “high road” in sending me an apologetic message as they saw the comment I made about their “ghetto mess”.

Regardless of whatever is going on with you and another person, putting it on social media, to chastise and belittle them isn’t the way to go. Lucky for me, I’m a smart person who sends the information to the person about what I just received about them.

Whether she wanted to share with me what was going on was her choice. My job was to let her know someone was talking about her in a distasteful way and it was no one’s business but hers and the party who decided to put it all over social media.

You know there’s a thing called cyber bullying which ain’t cool. Just saying.

If you’re one of those people, I don’t want to know you.

And if you’re on the other end of that, please know that hurting yourself over some ignorant ass isn’t worth it.

Always remember you are more than what anyone thinks you are, because in all reality, what ignorant people think of you, should not matter. Place your compassions for something more honorable because this is YOUR life and on one else’s. Let them all talk all the shit they want, at the end of the day, you are accomplishing way more, as you are living your life and they are living vicariously through you. How sad and pathetic is that.

Compassion can go a long way, but remember with compassion comes commitment.

Which side are you on?

Until then. Take Care of You!