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Business Tips – Service Quality

If you’re in the service business, which what most businesses are, there are five components you may not even realize you need in order to see your business flourish.

Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy and Tangibles.

How all of these ties together in order to see longevity in your business, is how you respond to your customer base. Whether you realized it or not, you have been performing one or more of the following components.

But what happens if you begin experiencing burnout, one or more will begin to falter.

One of the first is empathy. Once you have an attitude of “I don’t care” or “they can wait’’, I can’t think of any customer who will empathize in return to wait for you to get out of your bad mood so they can make purchases from you. If you have an actual storefront, think about the interactions you will have with your customers that day.

I recall an incident where I was out with some friends and we noticed a new store had just opened up. Two of my friends went in with me, while the other stood outside waiting, and as we entered, we were greeted by someone who seemed more bothered by our presence instead of more welcoming. When perusing through the products, I asked the clerk how much were the products and he responded in Spanish. While I don’t have anything against a salesperson having spoken another language, my quest with him was if I asked you a question in English, why would you respond to me in Spanish? When I informed him, I speak English, he responded in a nasty tone, “so do I”. From there, I put the product down, and we all walked out.

Not too long after that incident, I began to run into others who had mention the nasty tone the person took with them as well. How long do you think that business lasted?

About a month later they were gone.

When beginning a business, any business, think about these five components and think about - can you fulfill each one. It’s not a matter if you can do four out of five, you must be able to do them all in order to thrive and succeed.

Business don’t stay in business for long if you’re not taking all of the components seriously.

If you have a vision and you need help to model that vision into fruition, let’s begin working together to make that happen.

Contact me today to set up your consultation and begin your journey to success.

Until then. Take care of you!


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